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Composition HA 20mg/ml, Polynucleotides 5 mg / ml
Application part Dermis, epidermis
Volume 2.2 ml
Duration 12 months
Shelf life 24 months
Packing 3syringe, 2.2 ml
Storage 2~25
Description Kiara reju that formulated with PDRN and Hyaluronic ACID, instantly replennishes moisture,
effectively improves skin complexion and increase elasticity, making it the best anti-aging solution
PDRN, a unit of DNA that is the main unit for supplying the human body with energy,
together with hyaluronic acid (a natural moisturizing factor) is the best solution for moisturizing and restoring the skin

which can simultaneously stimulate skin regeneration and radiance. PDRN _ Poly-deoxy-ribo nucleotide + Hyaluronic acid.

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(Country of origin) Republic Of Korea